August 14, 2020

A Few Different Types of Airsoft Batteries

AEGs, or Automatic Electric Guns, need batteries to power their gears and actuate their actions. Actually, any electric airsoft gun is going to require a battery to operate it, and a fairly specific battery at that. Unlike many simpler devices that take universal AA or AAA or even 9V batteries, airsoft batteries have a few more facets, so here we’re going to shed a little light on some of the different types of airsoft batteries.

Nickel-Metal Hydride

Nickel-Metal Hydride batteries, more commonly written at NiMH batteries, are popular because they offer a lot of power and hold their charge for a long time. Though these batteries hold a charge for a long time, they will lose their ability to hold a charge if they are not frequently used and they cannot be left out of use for a long period of time.


Also known as NiCad batteries, Nickel-Cadmium batteries also provide a lot of power, much like NiMH batteries. These batteries are also good for airsoft guns that require a lower voltage but a higher discharge rate as compared to other options.


Lithium-Ion batteries are expensive but powerful, making them suitable for airsoft guns that draw a lot of power and burn out other batteries too quickly. Though they are expensive, they are resistant to overcharging and can save players money in the long run through their high performance. If you have the funds and your airsoft gun can accept a li-ion battery, it might be worth it.


Lithium-Poly batteries, known almost exclusively as li-poly batteries, are some of the most commonly used airsoft batteries out there. They are widely available, lightweight, relatively affordable, and come in a number of shapes which makes them largely suitable for a number of AEGs, provided the AEG will be sufficient powered by it. Check the manufacturer recommendations on your AEG and the voltage it requires before gettings a li-poly battery.

Battery Shapes

Most if not all AEGs can only accept one style of battery into their battery compartment, and the most common types of airsoft batteries are brick, nunchuck, and stick style batteries.

Brick style batteries are usually the largest and bulkiest of battery shapes and require special connectors and battery compartments to accommodate them. Depending on the size and capacity of the brick style battery, you might also need a special adapter or charger to use with it.

Nunchuck style batteries are so-called because of the fact that they kind of look like a nunchuck folded in half. They have two power cells that lay alongside each other; hence the name. Because they are slimmer than most brick batteries, their compartments can be more easily built into their associated platforms.

Finally, there are stick style batteries that are like one half of a nunchuck battery, with a single power cell column. These types of batteries are designed to fit into platforms that have limited space for larger, bulkier batteries.

Even if you follow the manufacturer’s instructions, it can sometimes be tough to connect all of the dots to make sure you have a compatible battery. You might think that just because the battery fits with the airsoft gun or you can connect the terminals that it’s fine, but it might not be.

For example, you need to make sure you never exceed the voltage limit as prescribed by the manufacturer or you will damage your airsoft gun. At the same time, certain chargers are only compatible with certain batteries. If you need the help of the professionals or would like to learn more about the different types and advantages of these types of batteries, check out MiR Tactical at or call their customer service team at 800-581-6620.

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