June 4, 2019

Why Investing in HDFC Equity Fund Sounds Like a Good Deal this Year?

Did you ever wonder how people in old days used to make it till their hundredth birthday? Doesn’t it seem too difficult for today’s generation to attain that level of physical and mental health which their elders used to enjoy? Well, there can be many reasons for the stressful lives that we live today, but one of the major culprits for poor health is lack of proper time management. You spend your time working, earning money which, sadly, is again used to restore your health that you lost for money.

Investing in HDFC Equity Fund might not appear to be a solution for adding balance to your life, but it indeed is a good option to do so. It is a multicap fund, which means that you have to spend less time in hunting for individual top solutions.
Let’s take a closer look at HDFC Equity Fund (G) and find out what it has to offer to its patrons.

The Advantages of Investing in HDFC Equity Fund

If you are looking forward to a complete solution for your financial problems, then investing in HDFC Equity Fund – Regular Plan (G) might solve your problem to a great extent. Let’s look at the horde of advantages that you’re going to get by sharing your wealth with this fund.

 Steady Income
Multicaps are known for their ability to stay grounded in the market and perform steadily in the long run. Since they nest a conglomeration of all the top-performing stocks from different genres, they are bestowed with the combined power of wealth creation and stability. Hence, they are able to provide stable and steady returns in the long run. So, if you’re looking forward to invest in HDFC Equity Fund Growth, then you can relax for the returns part as the may fall in steadily at the rate of 18.96% (average yield since inception).

 Fast-Paced Goal Achievement
One of the best advantages of taking HDFC Equity Fund on board is its capability to flare up the smouldering wealth creation process. The availability of high-end stocks in abundance will add momentum to the wealth creation, thus speeding up the pace at which you’ll be achieving your goals.

 Exposure to Multiple Industries
HDFC Equity Fund – Regular Plan plans its investment across various industries that includes powerful participants such as Financial & Banking sector, Energy Sector, Technology sector, Construction sector, and Engineering sector. The involvement of multiple industries raises the future prospects, in addition to cutting down the overall risk of the portfolio damage. Hence, you can stay carefree about your funds being progressing in the right direction.

 Easy SIP Investments
Getting started with an investment in HDFC Equity Fund (G) is quite feasible and affordable. The fund allows a minimum SIP investment of ₹500, which can be done easily through online portals conveniently. The advantage of using the SIP option is that: -
o You don’t require huge budget to spend at once
o You get the benefit of rupee cost averaging
o You are able to focus on not one but many different funds since your entire budget won’t be stuck in a single fund

 Controlled Fund Management
Fund management is yet another important aspect to ponder upon when planning a mutual fund investment. There are various parameters on which the fund manager’s skills can be tested, but mostly two ratio are used to analyse the management situation namely Expense Ratio & Turnover Ratio. The former determines the expense incurred to manage the fund, whereas the latter states the frequency of the revisions made to the portfolio.

HDFC Equity Fund has both these ratios under control, where the expense ratio stands at 1.79% and the turnover ratio at 17% as per the record sheet dated 30th April 2019. Hence, these low ratios are a clear indication that your invested capital is used in the best possible way, and that the least amount is spent on the management and sundry activities.

Drawing an investment plan that has the power to earn high returns and also protect the portfolio from high risk isn’t easy. But, with HDFC Equity Fund you can certainly get way closer to making such plans.

Investment in multicap funds in India is at its peak, thanks to the various advantages that they bestow upon the investors. HDFC Equity Fund – Regular Plan (G) is one of the best multicap funds in India, which can be used to make a solid plan geared towards your objectives.