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Reliance Multi-Cap Fund Can Be Your Ticket to Become a Millionaire

The article explains how Reliance Multi-Cap Fund can make you a millionaire if a long term disciplined investment is carried out.

Franklin India Smaller Companies Fund; Is it Time to Focus on Small-Caps?

The small-cap segment of the equity market has been going through an extended downtrend for a long term. Due to this, many of the small-cap mutual funds including Franklin India Smaller Companies Fund have been providing depressed returns for a while. However, experts are expecting that the recovery is nearby as the trends in the market are showing signs of a surge in the small-cap category and this can also boost the small-cap mutual funds which are struggling to maintain positive returns for a while. Let’s find out what the experts at MySIPonline suggest on this.

Axis Long Term Equity Fund; Why Does Government Allow Tax Deduction on ELSS?

Equity Linked Savings Scheme is a branch of mutual funds which is specifically chosen for tax deductions. The government of India allows taxpayers to reduce the tax liability every year by investing in Axis Long Term Equity Fund and other ELSS schemes. But have you ever wondered why does the government allow it? What is the benefit of a nation and government when investment is done in any of the ELSS mutual fund? Let us find out how the investment done in top performing ELSS schemes can be helpful to the country.

Avoid Chit Funds, Invest in Tata Balanced Fund Instead

Read the article to know why investing in Tata Balanced Fund is a far better alternative of chit funds.

Choosing Direct Plan of L&T Emerging Businesses Fund Can be Fatal

The mutual fund awareness campaign in India has been doing a tremendous job as the inflows in the equity mutual fund has been increasing at a great pace in recent months. AMFI launched the “Mutual Fund Sahi Hai” campaign to inform the mass about the benefits of mutual funds. But in many of the banners and advertisements, AMFI can be observed promoting direct plans over regular ones. No doubt direct plans will give you more benefits but for those making an investment for the first time that too in an aggressive scheme like L&T Emerging Businesses Fund, the direct plan can be hazardous. If you do not believe it, your thoughts might change at the end of this write-up.

Can Investing in HDFC Mutual Fund Help Me Achieve My Goals?

The mutual fund industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Every year, billions of dollars are poured into this industry across the globe. In India, there are more than 2500 active schemes available in a wide range to accustom the needs of different investors. However, identifying the best funds from the plethora of options available is a real challenge. Most people do not know which schemes they should buy, which ultimately leads to poor investment decisions.

Can Sundaram Rural and Consumption Fund Save You From Getting Poor?

India is developing at a superfast rate, and is ranked among the fastest growing economies in the world. In terms of wealth, it stands at the number 6 spot, with an estimated wealth of nearly $8,500 billion dollars. But in spite of all these glinting facts about our country, we are still considered among the poorest living beings on earth.

HDFC Balanced Advantage Fund – The Secret Ingredient of a Healthy Plan

The pathology report is regarded as the mirror of a person’s health. With the help of this report, a person can literally have an in-depth scan of his internal organs and find out the problems, if any. Similarly, the mutual fund portfolio acts as a pathological report for a person’s financial plan. If studied closely, the portfolio can reveal the strengths and weakness of the plan, thus helping to take corrective measures, if required.

How TATA Retirement Savings Fund can Secure Your Post-Work Life?

This article discusses some major highlights about TATA Retirement Savings Fund. Investors can opt for this fund and start saving good money to be used in their retirement period.

New Managers Appointed for Reliance Vision Fund; Can We Expect a Comeback?

Read the article to know whether Reliance Vision Fund can make a comeback or not along with valid reasons.