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April 30, 2019

How Tax Calculator of MySIPonline Saved the Time of 50,000 Investors?

“Time Is Money”, especially when the last date of filing the Income Tax Return arrives. Every year we see investors in a hurry to find the best tax saving option for reducing the tax liability. While some are seen standing in queue for an appointment with a Chartered Accountant, others are seen worried due to shortage of time. Calculating tax on your income is a time taking job, right? Well, you are highly mistaken. Tax Calculator is an online tool that can calculate the tax imposed in seconds, saving you ample of time. Wanted to know, “How tax calculator of MySIPonline saved the time of 50,000 investors? Read below to know more about online tax calculator.

Tax Calculator: An Overview

Tax Calculator is an online tool that aims to generate quick results by displaying the tax deductions on your annual income. Tax Return Calculator evaluates the tax liabilities after knowing basic information such as age, annual income, residential status and investment details (if any). It is an easy and simple tool that can save you from complex calculations along with hefty fees charged by the tax consultants.

How Tax Calculator Saves Time?

Easily Accessible: The online tool is easily available on the website of MySIPonline. This will save your time from searching hundreds of mutual fund forums in search of online tax calculator. Want to calculate the taxes on your income? Reach out straight to MySIPonline for a better experience.

No Expertise Required: You don’t have to be a finance graduate for using the tax calculator. The online tool is very easy to use with no expert knowledge required. Even if you don’t have information regarding the Income Tax Laws and the different percentage of taxes imposed by the Government of India, calculating your tax will be a cake walk for you.

No Extra Information: Tax calculator of MySIPonline is designed with an aim to assist common citizens. The tool doesn’t require any personal information with no sign-up and soft copies of your documents. This will again ease the task for you and save you a couple of time.

Recommendation of Scheme: Tax Calculator of MySIPonline after displaying your tax liability will recommend some of the schemes under ELSS category that will help you to further reduce your tax. Under Section 80C of Income Tax Law, you can save up to Rs. 46,800* through an investment of Rs. 1.5 Lakh. Therefore, the tax calculator will display some of the top performing ELSS funds for helping you to save tax. This will indirectly save your time from searching the best ELSS funds that can provide good returns along with tax saving benefits.

MySIPonline witnessed a huge increase in the number of individuals using Tax Calculator at the end of financial year. The online tool helped many people by providing their tax liabilities in short time along with suggesting some of the best tax saving options. Thus, if you are also struggling with your tax calculations and want to know the accurate amount of tax implied on your income then you should also consider using the online tax calculator of MySIPonline.

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