Can Sundaram Rural and Consumption Fund Save You From Getting Poor?

India is developing at a superfast rate, and is ranked among the fastest growing economies in the world. In terms of wealth, it stands at the number 6 spot, with an estimated wealth of nearly $8,500 billion dollars. But in spite of all these glinting facts about our country, we are still considered among the poorest living beings on earth.

While there could be many factors contributing to this defaming statement, a large section of society living in poor, rural conditions can be cited as the main culprit.
Investing in Sundaram Rural and Consumption Fund is a small step that you could take for the betterment of your own living, as well the living standard of the country at large. The fund is designed specifically for the purpose of uplifting the poorer sections of the society, by acting as a direct medium between the rural companies and the people capable of funding them.

Learn how investing in Sundaram Rural and Consumption Fund (G) can help the economic conditions of an individual as well as the nation.

The Economic Condition of India

While being the sixth wealthiest country in the world might seem very appealing, it is actually not a very charming reality. The U.S. is the wealthiest country in the world, with a total wealth of a whopping ₹63,000 billion which is nearly 8 times the current net worth of India. But, it shall be noted that the U.S. has a population of nearly 320 million, which means that there is a wealth of $197 dollars (approx.) per person. On the contrary, India has a wealth of merely $62 billion out of which, majority are government reserves. This is a major setback for our economy, as the wealth appears huge only in totality and not in terms of per person.

Launching Sundaram Rural and Consumption Fund

The launch of Sundaram Rural and Consumption Fund in March, 2006 played a pivotal role in strengthening the country’s economy. As of today, nearly 70% of the population lives in rural or semi-urban areas. Here, the average income per person is alarmingly low, which is acting as a crippling agent in between the country’s growth. The mission of Sundaram Rural and Consumption Fund (G) is to fill this hole in the economy, by encouraging more industrialisation in the rural areas. After the release of the fund, many investors showed high interest in investing their money for a long period, which in turn propelled the operations of the rural industries. This has also paved new paths of wealth creation for the investors, as they can achieve their goals in a disciplined way through sector based investments.

The Investment and their Outcomes

Generally, people are reluctant to spend a large sum of money at once. This makes it even more difficult for the companies to source capital, which in turn greatly affects their growth operations. Hence, to fix this problem SIP investments were introduced that provide an opportunity to make relaxed investments. Here are some of the major benefits that you can achieve through SIPs: -

  1. Easy Investment – pay just ₹250 a month to buy a stake in Sundaram Rural and Consumption Fund. Since the NAV of the Fund is running at ₹41.2077 (as recorded on 2nd July 2019), you can buy a big chunk in this fund at a reasonable price.
  2. Rupee Cost Averaging – Since you are buying the units at different prices, you have a window to streamline the overall cost of investment. Hence, you can get more units at a cheaper price in comparison to a lump sum investment.

If you choose to invest in Sundaram Rural and Consumption Fund – Regular Plan (G), then you can unlock high rewards for yourself. The performance of the fund in the last five years was staggering, as it yielded 13.61% on an average. This was far better than what the benchmark and the peers earned, whose average yield stood at 10.55% and 11.70%, respectively. Hence, by choosing this fund for your portfolio, you can catapult your wealth creation process and achieve all your financial aspirations. So, don’t waste time thinking any further! Plan an investment today!