How to Maximise Your Wealth with UTI Midcap Fund?

Starting mutual fund investments at an early age, say when you are in college or have just started your first job, can double the benefits. Many financial experts these days suggest that the earlier you start planning for your future, the better your chances will be to build wealth and retire rich. Besides your main profession, it is very important to find alternative sources of income. This will enhance your chances of achieving success, and you’ll never have to face any downturns in case your main profession fails.

This article describes some important aspects of UTI Midcap Fund in brief, which will be very helpful for creating a robust financial plan.

Investing in UTI Midcap Fund is one of the best ways to earn good money. This fund has been rated well by many expert credit rating agencies, and is also recommended by financial experts. For a high energy wealth-oriented portfolio, this fund is a must in your financial plan.

The Features of UTI Midcap Fund

For making a strong financial plan, it is essential to have a clear understanding of the fund that you choose to invest in. Following are some of the important details that you ought to keep in mind before placing your money in UTI Midcap Fund – Regular Plan (G): -

  1. The Category : As the name suggests, UTI Midcap Fund Growth is a midcap fund of the equity origin. It was launched way back in 2004, with an ambition to provide high growth platform to the investors. The main objective of the fund is to invest in the top 100 midcap companies that are selected on the basis of their past performance and market cap. The invested amount is rested for a long period of time, usually 5 years, to grind the maximum profit. This way, the fund makes huge progress in wealth building and bestows great results upon its patrons.
  2. The Cost : Buying a stake in UTI Midcap Fund is quite affordable. Due to an efficient fund management team, the expenses of the fund are well-managed which affects the overall cost of its units. The NAV of the fund was last recorded on 28th June 2019, on which day it was standing at a value of ₹98.9511. This value arrived after slipping by 0.22%. As per the expert opinion, the NAV of UTI Midcap Fund (G) is running fair, and aspiring investors should make an investment as early as possible before the prices go steep.
  3. The Investment Philosophy : Pinning the wealth in a particular area exposes it to huge risk, which is one of the main reasons why most mutual funds fail to pay high rewards. Keeping this in view, the makers of UTI Midcap Fund believe in a diversified approach of investing. The portfolio of the fund comprises of both equity and debt instruments, so that there is a good balance between risk and returns and the fund can function for a long period of time. Being a midcap fund, the fund is heavy on midcap stocks which are present at an intensity of 79.67%. Also, small cap stocks are included in the portfolio to the tune of 14.59%, for infusing extra momentum in the fund.
  4. The Report Card : Analysing the past performance is perhaps the foremost step that you should take while planning an investment in mutual funds. If you are unaware of the past results, then there is a high chance that you might be putting your money on high risk. Thankfully, the numbers secured by UTI Midcap Fund in the past are awesome. In the last five years alone, the fund ground out 11.18% worth of profits from the market, which is a good yield in comparison to what the benchmark and the peers earned. As a result of such high scores in the past, the fund was ranked among the top 20 midcap funds to invest in India, which further confirms that an investment here will be worth of high value in the future.

So, if you are planning to build a good corpus in the quest to make your future secure, then you must invest in UTI Midcap Fund (Growth).

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