September 4, 2018

#1 Struggle

Person of Interest : Extraction of brain pattern via Remote Portal

Note: Portal pattern extraction is an experimental technique, so the reliability of the result may be low.


Location : Cape Town, South Africa

I have always been in the fight. Regardless if I desire or not, struggles has been always beside me. I was born in a conflict area, lost my parents by indiscriminate terrorism, and I have worked as a mercenary. For me, everyday means a fight itself.

There is no difference between the battlefield and other places. The world is filled with conflict and violence. Here, where I am standing now, it is also. Cape Town in South Africa, in a dark alley, 2 am. There are about five men with handguns in front of me. They are more murderous than robbers, and from their behavior I have feeling they are skilled. It seems like a trained soldier. Then I ask them.

“You seem not to be just robbers. Are you the Enlightened? Or from Hulong?”

They did not answer. But being non responsive to these words indicates that they belong to "this trade". Suddenly, I heard my boss' voice in my ear.

<<Jack, are you OK? ->>

I answer in a low voice to the microphone, that is built-in the AR goggle I have putted on. It's state-of-the-art gadget with function of communication and XM scanning.

"Boss, I have pulled the pursuer into the alley. How about preparing the field?"

<<It's all right. We can form fields at any time.>>

"Ok, please get it."

The moment when I answered, the field of view across the goggle was filled with blue light. The surrounding Portals are linked to form the Control Field of the Resistance. At the same time, I ran up to the enemy in front of me.


The men open their eyes wide and aim their guns at me. At that moment, a vision flashed in my mind. They shoot at me and I will be killed -- I can see the details of the course and destinations of their bullets, and their every actions. These are events that have "not yet happened." In order to change the future I saw, I must get out of the bullet course. After a moment, countless bullets go through the place I was there.

"He dodged!?"

Someone shouted. They are caught off guard. I throw a hook punch on the chin of the nearest enemy. Immediately afterwards, the vision of the future flashed in my mind again. The next enemy will shoot me from close range though still in surprise. As I repeated such actions, the five enemies going down one after another, and eventually one remained.

“What the hell you are…?!”

The remaining enemy looks at me and spoke with a shivering voice. Instead of answering that question, I answer with my fist. After that impulsive sounded, I became the one who moves in the alley.

“It’s over, Boss.”

When I report to boss through the goggles, his voice echoes at my ear.

<<Good work, Jack. We'll join you there now.>>

I agreed to that voice and overlooked the fallen enemies. The world is filled with conflict. But I have "the weapon" to survive. "Flash Forward" --  It's the ability to foresee the immediate future. I can use that ability only within the blue field. That's the strongest weapon for me, who was born as a Sensitive, and who had lived as an Agent of the Resistance.