February 11, 2021

Motion is not easy

The step-by-step development of a video from start to finish for a novice motion designer like me turned out to be very difficult. You have to work on everything, from the selection of music and sometimes ending with full-fledged modeling.

But is it interesting? Still like, but at the same time it is morally exhausting, because in addition to the main life, a lot of time is devoted to the video. I learned about many interesting things that I, being distracted from working on the video, test. Building dynamics and physics in 4d blue is an interesting and exciting process, sometimes confusing.

Now I am finalizing the camera movements, working on colors and models. In some places, materials are already showing up.

The work on introducing the person into the video turned out to be the most difficult. Oh, those flying hair .-.

After I'm done with all of this - finally, I'll get to the most interesting part - materials and lighting. The picture will definitely become juicier and more attractive!