September 8, 2019

Guardian of history

Once upon a time people lived in harmony and liberty in walls of NIS federation. Life seemed like a fairy tale in that federation. It was something like utopia, where everyone is equal and untouchable. There didnt exist miserable people. But after one occasion everything changed beyond recognition. That ocassion is well known as a great coup.

In One day there are no signs of trouble. But imperialistic capitalists started capturing out homeland swiftly and unexpectedly. They mercilessly killed everyone in their path, the rest were taken prisoner, including me. Every prisoner was provided by the tag on which all the information was applied and the group to which I belong. I belong to 10 "D" group. After months of hard life I felt myself like at home in this group. We seem to have come to terms with the fact that we were limited, but we didnt lost our faith in salvation. A seemingly ordinary day, like 120 previous ones. But but something was wrong, because yesterday, when we was in coal mine two guards followed us, today we were followed by one guard. I didn’t give it meaning before.

From day to day the number of guards was decreasing and decreasing. We didnt understood why, just suspected that they had health problems. As it turned out later, they really had big problems with their health. It dawned on me that we are not alone, that somebody helps us, he was something like an angel. In one day my group and I decided to escape, it was really familiar to actions that was in "The Shawshank Redemption". But nothing was to easy. On our way stood a horde of imperialist capitalists heavily armed with modern weapons. We understood that only miracle will help us. And it happened for real. From the roof of NIS federation government building we saw the silhouette of shooter, that cleared us the way to liberty. He killed everyone, moreover he needed only second for reloading his sniper rifle. After a short shootout, he landed on ground and started to collect badges from imperialistic soldiers. On their badges was painted a three-headed eagle standing on fallen people. I suppose that for him it was kind of trophy. Subsequently, after collecting all badges he disappeared as quickly as he appeared.

After all these events we had to restore our home, months have passed for the recovering of our federation. As symbol of liberty we builded monument in memory of hero that saved us, further more we placed that monument on the center of NIS, and called it Guardian Of History.

Up to know, new generation spreading legends about Guardian Of History, and still believing in his retrieval.