IELTS map comparison exersice

The map illustrates developing of two neighbouring settlements: Meadowside village and Fonton town.

Overall, both settlements had been rising since 1962, and Meadowside village become Meadowside suburbs. In other words, Meadowside become a part of Fonton. Furthermore, infrastructure of Meadowside was improved by new railways, buildings etc.

In 1962, they were separate and Meadowside hadn't direct way to Fonton. Fonton had railways, whereas Meadowside's infrastructure was very weak.

In 1985, there was significant growth in Meadowside such as in Fonton. Road was paved in Meadowside and directly to Fonton eastwards. There were some changes as new buildings in Meadowside: housing estate, leisure complex and super store.

Nowadays, Meadowside became a part of Fonton. There are station not far from leisure complex with new railways from Fonton. On the road between Meadowside and Fonton as a station there is a business park , whereas northwards station there had been built a new hotel since 1985.