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There is an anxiety about declining health because of poor diet. While some people think that it is only up for yourself, others convinced that it is government's duty to promote healthy way of life. Both opinions are considered below.

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The travelling has became mainstream in the last few years which had started chain of events that led to mutual cultural abundance. However, it also has own snags such as misunderstandings between two or more cultures, and somebody thinks that the reason for it is travelling. But after all, travelling has more positive than enough to cover all those snags.

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The world has changed with improving technologies over the last half a century, which affected to modern kids. It caused some problems like big abyss between siblings, especially children, and vulnerable relationships in family and society.


It is considered that growing up of child in the city is preferable , whereas others think that life in the countryside is redoubtable in compare with the city. However, both sides have reasons not to live in there and , of course, own pluses. They could be opportunities, health, distractions and quality of education.


It is thought by someone that understanding culture is impossible unless you learn related language. In my opinion, it is particularly true, since language is a concomitant of culture, which is have been builded by words and notations of innumerable amount of people in whole history. There are also exist ways to at least have a surface knowledge of culture such as travelling.


The given plans illustrate how Grange park have changed over the last century.

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Currently, self-employment is preferable choice than working for someone to many people. There are some reasons for it like your own schedule, incomes that depend on you and many opportunities, most of which don't presence in working for someone. However, you can face with problems like not having stability and lack of knowledge that you need.


The maps illustrate how given town has changed since 1995.

IELTS map comparison exersice

The map illustrates developing of two neighbouring settlements: Meadowside village and Fonton town.

Is money always a main factor of human's happiness?

Money is considered by some people as a main factor of human's happiness. To my mind, not all of us were born with a lot of money in pockets, and there are some ways to be happy without money, and if you are happy, money will come.
Happiness is not only a large amount of money, and there are some ways to be happiest human in the world.