Crazy Frog

There is an anxiety about declining health because of poor diet. While some people think that it is only up for yourself, others convinced that it is government's duty to promote healthy way of life. Both opinions are considered below.

First of all, the one who has to care about own body is individual thing. If you don't regulate your diet and don't exercise, you probably wouldn't be healthy in spite of external help with it. Furthermore, healthy diet is often considered as luxury for rich ones, whereas anyone can walk through the aisles sometime and find budgetary version of healthy diet. To illustrate, oatmeal ,which is very cheap, can substitute morning flakes. The other example is that some chicken and boiled pasta is more nutritious and cheaper than a hamburger and fries.

On the other hand, there could be some cases when store shelves just don't have the assortment. Government has to be sure that average solvency of citizens is adequate and it has to provide the wide range of products to the last county in the COUNTRY. Additionally, is would be very effective if health and diet were added to education system in schools.

Summarizing all facts and analysis, health is mainly your responsibility. However, government's duty is to propogandize healthy way of life and controlling stores and supermarkets. Some exercising and good diet will make you happy and strong.