OBIEE 12c: CSF error encountered. Error code: 43131

Вы установили чистую систему. Но она не запускается... Смотрите в логи, и видите эту ошибку: CSF 43141. Что делать? Расскажу ниже. Вот суть:

To support Oracle BI Enterprise Edition, you must configure the version of Oracle Database to allow older client versions to connect. Set the minimum authentication protocol allowed when connecting to Oracle Database instances to version 11 by adding the following setting to your Oracle Database server sqlnet.ora file

Типичный вид запущенных сервисов системы при получении ошибки

Решение кратко:

  1. Добавить строки в файл настоек БД: oracle/network/admin/sqlnet.ora :



2. Удалить схемы репозитория утилитой RCU

RCU находится по адресу: $ORACLE_HOME/oracle_common/bin

3. Запустить конфигурацию домена заново (старый домен забэкапить или удалить, если была чистая установка до этого).

лежит тут: $ORACLE_HOME/oracle_common/common/bin/




Далее приводится дополнительная информация из документа с сайта поддержки Oracle, для включения безопасности, если необходимо именно это.

OBIEE 12c: BI Server Fail To Start When OAS Is Enabled (Doc ID 2121702.1)


Business Intelligence Suite EE - Version to 12.2.1[Release 12g]

Oracle Database - Enterprise Edition - Version and later

Business Intelligence Server Enterprise Edition - Version to [Release 12c]

Information in this document applies to any platform.


After Installing and Configuration OBIEE 12c, the following System Components fail to start:

  • BI Server (obis1) ,
  • Presentation Server (obips1),
  • Scheduler (obisch1)

You are using an Oracle Database (for RCU or datasource) with Oracle Advanced Security (OAS) enabled and with SQL*Net Encryption.


The following is observed in the logs obis1.out and obisch1.out

Oracle BI Server starting...

errCode:-4 errSQLStateBuf:08001 errMsg:[DataDirect][ODBC Oracle Wire Protocol driver][Oracle]Connection Dead. This may have occurred because the server requires Oracle Advanced Security. To enable the driver to use OAS, please use the DataIntegrityLevel and/or EncryptionLevel connect options.

errCode:0 errSQLStateBuf:08003 errMsg:[DataDirect][ODBC lib] Connection not open

Oracle BI Server startup failed.

nqsserver: Oracle BI Server shutdown.


This error is related to the use of Oracle Advanced Security



[2016-05-15T22:59:03.394-04:00] [OBIS] [ERROR:1] [] [] [ecid: ] [sik: ssi] [tid: 1a461720] [46137] CSF error encountered. Error code: 43131. [[file: server/Utility/Generic/Src/SUGCSF.cpp; line: 133]]

[2016-05-15T22:59:03.397-04:00] [OBIS] [NOTIFICATION:1] [] [] [ecid: ] [sik: ssi] [tid: 1a461720] [14058] Unloaded all subject areas.

[2016-05-15T22:59:05.05-04:00] [OBIS] [NOTIFICATION:1] [] [] [ecid: ] [sik: ssi] [tid: 1a461720] [14058] Unloaded all subject areas. [[Properties: EnvShutdownCall=RpMgr::ShutDown(); EnvShutdownCallFileLine=server/NQSNative/NQSServEntry/Source/NQSQueryEnvironment.cpp:1489;]]

[2016-05-15T22:59:05.05-04:00] [OBIS] [ERROR:1] [] [] [ecid: ] [sik: ssi] [tid: 1a461720] Oracle BI Server startup failed.[46137] CSF error encountered. Error code: 43131. [[file: server/NQSNative/Driver/Src/NQDDriverImpl.cpp; line: 461]]

[2016-05-15T22:59:05.06-04:00] [OBIS] [NOTIFICATION:1] [] [] [ecid: ] [sik: ssi] [tid: 1a461720] nqsserver: Oracle BI Server shutdown. [[file: server/NQSNative/Driver/Src/NQDDriverImpl.cpp; line: 65]]



 The Oracle Database has Oracle Advanced Security enabled and requires a secure connection.


The database server is configured to use Oracle Advanced Security (OAS); however, the Oracle Business Intelligence server (OBIS) is not configured for OAS decryption.


Note: Oracle Advanced Security in Oracle Database 12c has been repackaged and includes Transparent Data Encryption and Data Redaction. Other strong authentication features are now no longer part of Oracle Advanced Security and are provided with the default Oracle Database installation. For detailed information about these features, see Oracle Database Security Guide.

If the database is configured for Oracle Advanced Security,


Hint: Check your Oracle database server sqlnet.ora for:



See: Oracle Database Security Guide Data Encryption and Integrity Parameters

 then for OBIEE:

  •  If the sqlnet.ora file does not already exist, create the sqlnet.ora file in [DOMAIN_HOME]/config/fmwconfig/bienv/core
  • Enable SSL for the OBIEE SQL*Net Client by adding the following to the OBIEE sqlnet.ora
  • For example:
  • Consult your Database Administrator for required and optional parameters.
  • Review the Oracle Database Database Net Services Reference documentation for SQL*Net Parameters
  • The JDBC Data Source named "opss_datasource" and "biplatform_datasource" needs to be updated to enable SSL if the connection to the RCU database is SSL enabled.
  • These can be set in the 'Encrypted Properties' of the connection pool
  • Reference: 
  • Oracle Database JDBC Developer's Guide
  • JDBC Thin Driver Support for Encryption and Integrity 
  • Any ODBC data sources that require SSL connection should be configured to use the SSL wire protocol according to your datasource documentation.


If your Oracle Database is configured for Oracle Advanced Security, the following may be necessary:

  •  The OBIEE sqlnet.ora file will need to be configured as per the above steps; otherwise, the database will not accept the connections.
  • For Windows Platform:
  • ======================
  • There Advanced Security Tab is only for the Oracle DataDirect ODBC DSN used by some BI components like BI Scheduler to connect to the BI platform schema.
  • This DSN will be named biplatform_datasource by default. It is only present in a full BI Platform install, not the BI client install. There also may be another Oracle Data Direct DSN called opss_datasource that would need to be similarly updated.See the screenshots below of the biplatform_datasource.


  • Edit odbc.ini File From $DOMAIN_HOME/config/fmwconfig/bienv/core/odbc.ini
  • Add EncryptionLevel=1 Under Both [opss_datasource] & [biplatform_datasource]
  • You may need to add other parameters depending how your database is configured (see examples below)
  • Stop the affected system components with: -i obis1,obips1, obisch1
  • Start the affected system components with: -i obis1,obips1, obisch1
  •   Note: For datadirect 7.1.x and higher ODBC drivers, the following is documented:Example SQLNet.ora entries for OAS :
  • sqlnet.encryption_server=REQUIRED
  • sqlnet.encryption_types_server=(RC4_256,AES256,AES192,3DES168,RC4_128,AES128,3DES112,RC4_56,DES,RC4_40)
  • sqlnet.crypto_checksum_server=REQUIRED
  • sqlnet.crypto_checksum_types_server=(MD5)
  • SQLNET .CRYPTO_SEED = "validcriposeed"
  • The relevant Oracle Wire Protocol connection option used for successful connection :
  • "EncryptionTypes"="AES128,AES192,AES256,DES,3DES112,3DES168,RC4_40,RC4_56,RC4_128,RC4_256"
  • "EncryptionLevel"="1"
  • "DataIntegrityTypes"="MD5,SHA1"
  • "DataIntegrityLevel"="3"
  • Reference:





OBIEE 12c: System Components BI Server Fail To Start When Oracle Advanced Security (OAS) Is Enabled [2121702.1]

June 8, 2018
by Dmitriy Ko
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