June 15, 2021

Leadership vs Management

Management is a series of processes, the main ones being planning, budgeting, organizing, recruiting, controlling, and problem-solving. Management is primarily concerned with administration and ensuring that day-to-day operations run smoothly. Context of management is actually resources, results and goals. The manager is a function. It is just a job or position.

Leadership, on the other hand, is a series of processes that involve creating a vision of the future, a strategy for achieving it, communicating that vision to others in a way that they will believe. And then creating an environment that motivates and inspires those people to make that vision a reality. I can say that leadership is a way of life, it is a method of thinking and acting.

Leadership vs Management why they should go hand in hand?

In fact, leadership and management in a company are two separate, complementary systems of action. Each has its own function and characteristic activities. To succeed in today's increasingly complex and rapidly changing business world, both must be mastered. Leadership serves to complement management, not replace it. If an organization has strong management without leadership, the result can be the reliable accomplishment of the wrong things. If an organization has strong leadership without management, the result can be inconsistent performance. If there is no leadership there is also no management.

Leadership vs Management Differences

Leaders and managers are different by lots of factors. Leaders are willing to take a risk, while managers will avoid this. Leaders are willing to ask questions, while managers will give you just direction on how to solve a problem. Management signifies formal power with delegated accountability, whereas leadership is the capacity to influence people's activities or conduct. The manager supervises and solves issues, whereas the leader motivates people. Leaders put people first, but managers put goals first because they are paying for achieving goals. But the most important difference, as for me, is that employees follow the leader and are guided by him and believe in him, while managers have just the subordinates.

Overall, I can say that manager is more about your job description, while leadership is more about your personality.