June 15, 2021


In this article, I want to tell you about my business project that is called Planday. It is a new social network where users can plan, share their 24 hour daily schedule. Inspire and insire others, react, sign, find others and mentor.


The clients of Planday are people who organize their life and value their time as the most expensive asset. Preferable, our clients are people eager to develop, improve and bring the benefit to the world. These people prefer to pay for the comfort and invest in themselves. As very busy and full of new ideas people, our clients are messy sometimes and may forget about very important duties.

For sure, our customers have managers and assistants, but considering the human factor, something can go wrong and they need to have 24/7 available assistant.

Our offer definitely solve the problem with forgiving duties by giving all the needed information in the notifications, in the chosen time. In addition, it is available 24/7. It takes a minute to put in all the duties or change them.

We are welcoming everyone who shares our values, but we will never accept person who looks for the easiest way, earns money illegally and remains on the same level of self-development.

Our team is looking not only for someone who knows how to act, but also for those who need help and somebody to show the way.


As we are specializing in IT sphere an important part of our team is software developers and designers. In order to achieve our goals marketing experts are developing strategy for us. Administrators coordinate the communication. Top-managers are responsible for partnerships.

All our employees are united by the same goal- to help our customers to manage their life in order to boost productivity.

We selected our employees due to their qualifications and how do they share the values of the company. The main criteria was desire to help and bring benefit, improve continuously with us.

Despite the needed skills for their position, employees should be adaptive, conscientious, honest and agile. They need to have good communication skills and be able to answer complaints. For sure, all the members should be punctuated and persistent.


Due to the fact, that we are developing an app, we have partnerships with Android and Apple, for sure they both are equally important. In addition, we have partnership with bloggers and influencers, who advertise our app.

These partnerships are also important to achieve customer trust (bloggers and influencers have a strong personal brand).


The market is saturated with different offers, but as main competitors we define LifeViewer, Tappsk and Purelist. All these apps are at the top of ratings, recommendations and have the widest variety of functions.

Our main strengths are: personal customized interface, ability to create a plan for your subordinates and share it, mentor who can help you to achieve the goals and create the most effective plan.

Our competitors provide customers with high service, their support works 24/7, and they pay huge attention to the interface. They continuously improve their service. We definitely should learn from them.


Our corporation is providing the customers only with service- app for planning your life.

We provide with a free and paid version of the app. Free version allows to plan up to 5 duties, set the priority, set your emotions, share your emotions, communicate with other users, 24/7 support, customize interface.

Paid version allows all above mentioned and personal mentor, ability to create a group plan and share it.

In future, we can expand our product line by adding such goods as plan book, pans, etc.


Our company strives to be unique.

Key strengths:

  1. Easy to use, our clients know the value of time, and to help them save this resource, we have created an application that is easy to use but with great functionality
  2. Personalized interface, everyone has their own preferences because our application will allow the user to create his own unique service application
  3. The ability to draw up a plan for your subordinates and share it, it's very convenient isn't it, the same time saving, everything is quick and clear
  4. Our app will help you achieve your goals and create the most effective plan.

What makes us unique, we are a 2in1 application. We enable the user to achieve goals, create plans, record important events, and also share all this with others, communicate.

We constantly strive to develop and improve our product, we have a clear understanding of what our customers need. We are planning to add a glider, which will be another useful feature of our application.


We are about comfort, reliability, and assistance.

Our values ​​lie in comfort, assistance to our users. We understand what our clients need and we create it. Ours helps people strive for goals, achieve them, and engage in development. We believe that with the proper distribution of your time, you can do a lot without spending energy and effort.


It is obvious that brand image can be developed properly only if a majority of customers’ lasting impressions is good enough for them to persuade non-customers to buy your product. In the process of branding, you have to manage and constantly improve the effect that affects your customers and investors to build a strong brand image and develop some kind of loyalty within them.

The strategy of our company - Planday, then, as simple as a piece of cake: provide consumers with a great app, which is superior to similar ones on the market of digital distribution and done properly, keep it running by professional technical support to fix bugs and update it all along with its existence and a little cherry on the top - marketing. All parts did accurately, and a little bit of annoying advertisement company gives an unbelievable boost to the popularity of every app and brand image building, respectively.
If you could ever refer to Planday company as a human being, it will be a person with social butterfly features, who has a big popularity among people and also effectively put the effort in things which make people like them even more.


"We care about comfort, reliability and assistance."

Our company exists in order to provide our clients with the most affordable, simple and dependable way of planning life and business, which will save a lot of time, energy and nerves, as well as help those who need it and direct them in the right way in a properly planned life's path to success. After all, a good plan is already 50% of success!

"Definiteness of purpose is the starting point of all achievement." - William Clement Stone

People are intelligent creatures, and with the advent of new technologies, cases and information have become many times more, but memory is - …

Therefore, with constant, the problem of forgetfulness is often encountered due to the banal human factor:

A business man can forget about meeting, a mother can forget to buy baby food for a hungry child – terrible, isn't it?

And our application helps to solve the problem in the simplest way. A convenient and multifunctional interface will help to make this process only easy and enjoyable, especially with a private mentor to help you. Therefore, we believe that without our company, our followers' lives would be difficult, busy and stressful.


"A dream is just a dream. A goal is a dream with a plan and a deadline." - Harvey MacKay.