Peru is synonymous with mountains. Seen from above, Peru’s territory resembles a colossal sheet of wrinkled paper. This is due to the presence of the
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Should You Visit Kuélap, Peru’s Alternative to Machu Picchu?

I’ll admit to not being a huge follower of travel lists published by the big travel companies (even if I’ve contributed to them over the past few years).

Short trip to Pacaya Samiria National Reserve

Except high mountains and coast Peru offers also jungle (selva). If you have never been in jungle, it is worth to make at least short trip for example to Iquitos. There are very often good flight deals from Lima to Iquitos, so if you will find one, do not miss this opportunity. I started my adventure with Peruvian jungle from visiting Iquitos – the largest city in the Peruvian rainforest and also the fifth-largest city of Peru (population around 422,055).

Choosing an Amazon River Cruise

There's nowhere else on the planet like the Amazon River. Flowing more than 4,000 miles through a region home to about 10 percent of the world's species, the river seethes with color and life -- scarlet macaws swooping overhead, monkeys leaping from branch to branch, fishermen paddling by on long wooden canoes, giant lily pads blooming on the surface of the water.

What It’s Like to Go on a Luxury Amazon River Cruise

African safaris and Maldivian honeymoons may top the lists of most intrepid travelers, but we’ve got a fresh adventure to add: luxury amazon river cruise. Not to cheapen the experience with a cliché, but cruising down the world’s longest river and making stops to explore pockets of the 2.1-million-mile tropical rainforest is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Here, fresh off her own trip to the Peruvian Amazon, JS contributor Chelsea Stuart gives us a glimpse at what it’s like.

Wasai Tambopata Lodge

Una estancia en el increíble Wasai Tambopata Lodge es una experiencia sin igual. Aquí podrá pasar el tiempo explorando, observando la vida salvaje y disfrutando de lo desconocido de la selva amazónica.