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Pet & Las laser therapy device is designed to treat a wide range of animal diseases in veterinary clinics and at home.

Purpose of the device

•      Treatment of injuries, arthritis, sprains, dislocations, otitis


•  Acute bleeding

Control Buttons and Indicators

In addition, the emitter window can operate in three modes: red light, blue light, mixed light.

Quick Start

1. Turn on the device by long pressing the START / STOP button. 2. The BATTERY indicator will blink with a beep sound. 3. By sequentially pressing the TIME button, choose the duration of the treatment: 1 min, 2 min, 5 min. 4. Some models provide the option to choose an operating power: green - 5 wt, blue - 15 wt, red – 25 wt 5. By sequentially pressing the TREATMENT button choose one of the nine treatment programs (see ‘Control Buttons and Indicators’ chapter). a. The top right indicator represents the first group: Pain / Injury. b. The middle indicator represents the second group: Therapy. c. The bottom indicator represents the third group: Prevention. 6. To start a treatment press the START button...

Treatment programs

You can choose a treatment program by sequential pressing the TREATMENT button.

Technique of working with device

There are two technical treatment approaches. The device window touches the skin (contact method) or held (non-contact method) over the projection of a sore spot, zone or organ.

Main treatment areas

·        Forehead: eyes, pituitary gland, traumatic brain injury, degenerative disorders.

Care and cleaning

Сlean the device with a moistened cloth.