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Combine the assembled guide post and the mold base of the guide sleeve

After the assembled mold base, the upper mold base should move up and down along the guide column smoothly without blocking.. Nine, the unloading and top piece device is flexible and correct, and the discharge hole is unobstructed to ensure that the parts and waste are not stuck in the die. The assembly of the stamping die should generally meet the following technical requirements: One, the closed height of the assembled die should meet the design requirements. Second, after the mold handle (except the movable mold handle) is installed in the upper mold base, the perpendicularity error of its axis line to the upper plane of the upper mold base shall not be greater than 0. The fixed end surface of the assembled guide post should be kept...

How to automate the virtual simulation process

Therefore, how to effectively combine virtual simulation technology with optimization technology is an important challenge. How to effectively manage simulation documents and how to establish the corresponding relationship between analysis documents and product models are problems that must be solved in the deepening application of CAE technology. Therefore, how an enterprise establishes its own virtual simulation specification and knowledge base, realizes the capture and reuse of virtual simulation knowledge, and how to pass on the simulation knowledge and simulation process of experienced analysis experts to new entry analysis engineers is a real application for enterprises. 5, the combination of virtual simulation software and...

This is about the image of an enterprise

Therefore, we must consider all aspects of price, quality, cycle, and service. Shenzhen Plastic Mold Factory specializes in manufacturing molds. Plastic molds are mainly used here. You should not pay more than the cost of the mold, nor should it be less than the cost of the mold. In addition to the large demand for plastic molds in the market, there are also requirements of this era.

The use of quenching and tempering heat treatment does not require

Use pre-heat treatment for precision and complex molds. For example, PMS (1Ni3Mn2CuA1. If the hardness requirements are not too high, pre-heat-treated pre-hardened steel can be used to pre-heat the mold steel (such as 3Cr2Mo, 3CrMnNiMo steel) to reach the hardness when used (lower The hardness is 2535HRC, and the higher hardness is 4050HRC), and then the mold is processed and formed without heat treatment, so as to ensure the accuracy of the precision and complex mold. Age-hardening steel can be used for precision and complex molds. After the mold is processed and formed, the aging heat treatment is performed at about 500°C to obtain a higher hardness of 40~45HRC. We all know that the mold will deform after quenching.

The plastic mold manufacturers will introduce in detail below

The reason why the products produced by plastic mold processing manufacturers are recognized by consumers is because we have professional designers. Some people ignore this situation and therefore fail to achieve better results. There are many plastic molds in some large mold processing factories.

Management requires drastic reforms

China’s mold industry has plastic injection molded automotive parts made certain achievements, but the foundation of China’s mold industry is mould/mold not stable yet. The mold industry is not yet mature.