A remote party

Last week I received an email we would have a corporate party on Friday. And the party will be in remote mode via Zoom conference. Aside from that, we will get a surprise gift at home and that gift will be an important part of that remote party.

The late evening on Thursday I got a parcel. It turned out the box with several things. There was a nice hoody with the logo of the new tv-channel Saturday and a cocktail set in the box. The set included four little bottles of alcohol drinks, like those in mini-bars in hotels, four glasses of two kinds, and some additional items like lemon, tangerines, or syrups in packets.

The party itself was a competition between several teams, we were separated into, at the beginning of the event, and the goal of each team was to win over the other using an avatar, who moved on the streets and listened to our commands in the live stream and did what we said to him. We needed to solve different enigmas and find toys for Xmas tree.