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One of the new shows on our channel

I want to tell you about a new show on our channel. Because of that show, I returned home very late on Monday, rather on Tuesday already.

About book Ana Kai Tangata

During my English learning course, I was reading the book Ana Kai Tangata. It is a collection of mystic and mysterious tales. The tale, the name placed in the title of the whole book, talks about one man. His name is Max, he is a scientist. He takes part in a biologist expedition on the Rapa Nui island. It has to discover the caves on the island. Max already visited this island in the past. He has many interesting facts and knowledge about the island, its peoples, their traditions and history. He is talking to other members of their expedition what he knows about the island at the beginning of the tale. Beside him, the expedition consists of five more persons - their leader Kyle, another man Barry and three women Alejandra, Rita and...

Thoughts about time

I recently was reading the popular scientist book about the origin of all and about laws of the Universe. Just for the training of thinking in English, I am going to write some my thoughts about the nature of time. I decided to write one long-read post instead of three small.

My lunch

In the last months, I have lunch at my work at the same place. It is a Turkish restaurant near my work. Actually, it is on the ground floor of the same business centre but has a separate entrance. Every working day I have lunch usually around 3 p.m. At this time there are few people there, often I eat alone or with my co-worker.

About breakfast

My son was doing his English homework, he had to retell the text about the typical breakfasts in the different countries. I thought about a typical Russian breakfast. I like to have a hearty breakfast. Generally, I can eat everything as my breakfast even soup. There was a time when my wife with my son went to the country house in summer and my wife had cooked for me the big pot of borsch, and for about two weeks I ate only it every morning and evening.

The Moscow snowfall

The most significant event of the week was a snowfall in Moscow. The snow was started on Friday night and went till Sunday. When we got up on Saturday morning we saw an enormous amount of snow outside. The snow was everywhere - all cars were covered with a thick layer of snow, and all roads were under snow as well.

My computer's adventures.

I bought the first Apple computer in 2009. It was an iMac. Since the time it works like clockwork without any troubles. Nowadays in 2021 after almost 12 years it doesn't lose its relevance.

Old photos

I found the site on Internet where are a lot of old photos. These photos show the life of people in our country in villages at the end of 19th and the start of 20th centuries.

Medical examinations

Since my son is a professional sportsman he has to pass medical examinations regularly twice a year. If he passes it he gets medical permission to take part in training sessions and competitions.

The American Gods

Today I have read the book by Neal Gaiman named The American Gods. I wanted to read this book for a long time since time I had bought the book about the 1oo best books of the fantastic genre.