The Moscow snowfall

The most significant event of the week was a snowfall in Moscow. The snow was started on Friday night and went till Sunday. When we got up on Saturday morning we saw an enormous amount of snow outside. The snow was everywhere - all cars were covered with a thick layer of snow, and all roads were under snow as well.

We watched as a few cars tried to go out from their parking places. Their owners had to dig up them from under the snow just to try going out. If it was the all-wheel-road car they had a chance, but if it was a small car, it gave up after some trying and returned home or went to the closest bus stop or call a taxi. Although the taxi price raised three or four times.

I needed to escort my son to the sports school. We even didn't think to use our car. A tram went from our home to the sports school, but when I'd look at a public transport app I noticed a lot of trams icons in the same place, I guess, something happened on the line and we needed to use the less comfortable way of getting to the sports school with bus and subway with two changes.

The streets weren't cleaned off the snow when we went outside, and it was too hard walked to the bus stop through snow heaps.