About book Ana Kai Tangata

During my English learning course, I was reading the book Ana Kai Tangata. It is a collection of mystic and mysterious tales. The tale, the name placed in the title of the whole book, talks about one man. His name is Max, he is a scientist. He takes part in a biologist expedition on the Rapa Nui island. It has to discover the caves on the island. Max already visited this island in the past. He has many interesting facts and knowledge about the island, its peoples, their traditions and history. He is talking to other members of their expedition what he knows about the island at the beginning of the tale. Beside him, the expedition consists of five more persons - their leader Kyle, another man Barry and three women Alejandra, Rita and Cassie. Max doesn't like Kyle. And he highlighted Cassie out of their group. He liked her much more than others.

They spent the first week on the island in different things but didn't start their direct work about learning the caves. They lived in one of the hotels on the island which owned by a local, a former scientist. He insisted they had to make some rites before visiting the caves, something like sacrificing for spirits of the island.

When, finally, the expedition started learning one of the caves, Max got in a strange situation. He was alone in the cave and saw the huge amount of small bugs on the cave's ceiling. They formed strange curved patterns and glowing different colours. And after it, he felt something strange and came to his normal condition three hours later even. Max remembered nothing that was with him at that time.

Max faced a mysterious situation before, in one of his earlier expeditions. There they saw an unknown creature in mountains, and then his friend died in mysterious circumstances. Max never talked about to anybody, at least the whole story, but when he left alone together with Casie, he felt some trust in her. They want to visit a mentor of Max, who lives on the island but in other hotel. His name is Altazor. But that time they didn't visit him.

Cassie also said Max, she had seen him with several local people near the hotel, but Max didn't remember that. And when Cassie came to Max, the moment he hadn't remembered what was with him in the cave, the floor around him was covered with bare feet trails. And when Max worked in the caves the next days he faced with abnormal behaviour of insects but this time he kept clear conscious