Extra #16

Last week I watched the 16th episode of Extra. It was dedicated to a young boy who was been sent to the main heroes for a couple of days while his mom met with her new boyfriend in NYC, who was a cinema director in Hollywood. His mom was a friend of Nick, and she promised Nick she would tell the director about Nick and his actor's talents. The boy turned out too noisy and naughty and the guys got many troubles with him. He always asked for eating and always repeated "I am hungry". He made the total destroying in the girls' bathroom and rolled up Anny's dog into toilet paper. The boy walked everywhere with his electrical shock stick and always shocked everyone around him, especially when nobody was ready for it. However, when Bridgit had interested in a young man who cleaned the windows in their house and invited him to have coffee with her, the boy helped Nick and drive him away from Bridgit. In general, the guys spent a very interesting weekend with his new little friend. But unfortunately, when a mom of the boy returned from NYC and Nick asked her what she told the director about him, she suddenly said she had forgotten to said about Nick. But she said she had traveled with usefulness and would marry with that director soon.