Thoughts about time

I recently was reading the popular scientist book about the origin of all and about laws of the Universe. Just for the training of thinking in English, I am going to write some my thoughts about the nature of time. I decided to write one long-read post instead of three small.

Firstly, what time is? Is it really exists objectively or people made it up for their comfort?

We think time is like some process. It is constantly and continuously. Time moves in one direction only, from past to future. I think time maybe like a flow or a river. There is an idiom 'river of time'. All things in the Universe are into that flow. The flow is unstoppable. Even if something or you, for instance, stay in one place without moving, you are move in a flow of time. Actually, everything consists of some more little things, molecules, atoms, and farther, from more and more little particles. And if you stay still these particles moving into your body. But what, if we imagine there is an ultimate particle, that can't divide further. If it stays still would it move in time?

Time is changing. People are getting old, plants grow, water evaporates, and so on. Cells divide, molecules move, atoms create new molecules. Time moves for these things. But if we take our ultimate particle and put it in a place like a full vacuum. It won't move, it won't change - can we say time is passing for it? Maybe it freezes in time? Everything around will be changed, but our particle won't. If we wait for a year and take our particle and it won't be changed - does it mean it was in stasis? Can we say each object has its own time and these times are not the same?

People a long time ago made up to split time into parts to observe it. When they started dividing day and night they invented the concept of time itself. If we haven't memory we perhaps can't feel the moving of time. We would be in the now always and the concept of time hasn't a sense for us.

We can't move in time backward. If time is changing we can't cancel what already has happened. But what if time is a human inventing or an ability only, can we imagine there is something or somebody in the Universe existing without time or out of time. Then they can appear at any point of our time scale if see from the human side. The changing has no sense for them, then they can be in any time, from our point of view. Or maybe everything is for them simultaneously.

Einstein said time is relative. The faster your speed the slower is going your time. If you take twins and launch one of them to space with a speed near the speed of light for a year, then for the remaining brother forty years on Earth will pass .

We can approximately determine how much time passed using our 'inner' clock. But in different circumstances, we can feel the time passing in different ways. Remember how time goes slowly when we are waiting for something that we need or how fast goes the time of a vacation.

People learned to count time with external devices like clocks. They let us use a common scale with other people and appear in the same place at the same time without the necessity of using our 'inner clock'. People can count time, but can not handle it. We can't freeze time around us, can't rewind time forward or backward. We don't know exactly what time is being. Maybe when we would know it we could handle time.