The American Gods

Today I have read the book by Neal Gaiman named The American Gods. I wanted to read this book for a long time since time I had bought the book about the 1oo best books of the fantastic genre.

It was an interesting book enough, so I could read down it in just one day. That was the story about gods, old gods, and new gods. The people who came to the American continent from other different countries brought their gods in their heads. But as time passed, people started to forget their gods and those lost their forces. With time people started to believe and pray other things, like television, internet, cars, planes, and so on, and the new gods appeared. And the book is talking about the war between old and new gods and about the man who has got caught up in it.

The book is read easily, there is a lot of interesting info about myths, gods and fairy creatures of many countries. The plot has many twists and until the end keeps in suspense.

There is TV-show shot by that book and a graphic novel. I guess I can watch the show now, and compare it with the book.