April 21, 2021

One of the new shows on our channel

I want to tell you about a new show on our channel. Because of that show, I returned home very late on Monday, rather on Tuesday already.

I was assembling the promotional video for an advertiser presentation, but I didn't start doing it from the beginning. It was started by another editor, who needed to leave for a few days. She did nine versions of the video, but our bosses wanted more and more.

I did three new version more. But the next day I had to do another one which was accepted finally.

This is a some sort of the cooking show. Three families, husbands and wives, try to win. To win they need to cook the best meal. They all cook the same meals. A pro chef shows to wives several recipes which their husbands have to cook. But the feature of the show is a wife commands to her husband in remote mode. She can see her husband on a monitor. And husbands can only hear their wives. The meaning of the show is the winner will be that couple who has the best mutual understanding. The husbands have only a hour for cooking. Then wives taste the dishes blindfolded and set ratings. Who win will get the 100 thousand roubles as a prize.

During the cooking part of the show wives are shouting and swearing on their husbands, because time is limited, and to become a winner want all. But the husbands have a big red button which switch off the connection with their wives. And if wives became too emotional, some husbands pressed the red button.