February 8, 2021

Old photos

I found the site on Internet where are a lot of old photos. These photos show the life of people in our country in villages at the end of 19th and the start of 20th centuries.

It has been passing about a hundred years only since that time but it is a wonder how many changes have appeared in our life.

Families on these photos usually had many children, five and more. People usually had very bad wear, if only they weren't photos made by ethnographers for their investigations. In this case, people wore their best clothes, often which were passed from their parents and used for special cases. It looks very strange to me, the dress has many layers, and includes many additional things like decorations and strange headdresses.

Besides I was interested in the indoor design of living spaces in these villages. My wife likes a such design very much. She is going this summer to decorate the veranda we have built this year in our country house. She has many vintage things in the style of the Russian village which were passed to her by her grandmother. Many things were restored by my wife.

I saved some photos to show my wife, and I think they may be useful to her design ideas.