About snacks

When you sit in office and there are many vending machines nearby itโ€™s too hard to stop yourself from buying some kind of snacks. It's seldom when the things in the machine are useful and healthy. Usually, there are either sweets or pastries or soft drinks with a huge amount of sugar.

But when you have a lot of jobs and you have no time to walk to the nearest cafe you are forced to use it. Or if you are waiting for accepting your work, and it is already late and your legs themselves get you to the nearest point of selling snacks just because you need to kill time and when you firstly go to buy something and then eat it the time is going unnoticed.

One more case when I can't resist buying is if something new appears in the vending machine. I need necessarily to taste it. Actually, it almost always turns not very tasty, but sometimes I get lucky and I taste something really tasty. The last snack I tried and which I liked was the potato chips made in form of little sticks. I ate them a very longly at once not because it was so untasty, but because they were too little pieces to eat them quickly for a short time. And they were more like french fry than simply potato chips.