February 10, 2020

About the ducks

My home is near an embankment of Moscow-river. Every morning when I go to my work I see the people feeding the ducks on the river. These birds didn't fly to the southern countries as usually, because they felt very well here. The winter each year becomes warmer. The water in the river doesn't freeze almost. The people like to feed the ducks - I see many old women which give them whole packets with bread crumbs and parents with small children which are very glad to throw pieces of bread in the river. These ducks are very fat. If you come to the fence you will see how many ducks from all of sides will swim to you and will wait when you will begin to feed them. There are two kinds of ducks in the river. Ones are bigger and have a brown color, and other are smaller and have a black and white color. The black and white ducks often dive into water and after a few dozens seconds surface in another place already.