June 9, 2020

The favourite movies of my wife

My wife likes very much the old soviet movie Devchata and she are ready to rewatch it again and again. It is one of her the most favourite movies. The movie shows the honest kind folk who lives in the working settlement. Almost nobody ever thought about that fact the movie had the literature base written by Boris Bedniy. My wife found out it and decided to read the book. The book shows another life. The heroes are different than they are showed in the movie. Clearly there was a strong censorship in the movie. In the book the heroes are much like as real people. They were more adult, more angry and in whole the book showed the hard reality of the soviet life. But despite it the movie Devchata stays one of the most favourite movie of my wife. But she isn't ready to read this book again. I think there is only one movie which she loves more. It movie named The evenings on the village near Dikanka