About breakfast

My son was doing his English homework, he had to retell the text about the typical breakfasts in the different countries. I thought about a typical Russian breakfast. I like to have a hearty breakfast. Generally, I can eat everything as my breakfast even soup. There was a time when my wife with my son went to the country house in summer and my wife had cooked for me the big pot of borsch, and for about two weeks I ate only it every morning and evening.

If you take a more traditional approach to breakfast, then you want to eat all kinds of porridges or fried eggs or omlet with fresh vegetables. I like pancakes with sour cream or jams on breakfast, but if there is a person who cooked it for me because it's too lazily to make it myself. I like different meals cooked from cottage cheese. Also, often we have the remains of the previous dinner or supper for breakfast. Sometimes I have just a cup of coffee or tee and a couple of toasts with butter and jam.