April 30, 2020

Just the trainings of thinking in English

When people watch any retro video they usually say how life was better in old times. A few days ago one of my friends shared the video with the views of Moscow were shot in the period from after WWII time to the 80th. I began to think about the video. I agree, when you see how a few cars are on the streets, there aren’t any traffic jams, there are no people with gadgets on the streets and you start comparing all that with the today life you subconsciously want to be like these calm and happy people, because these kinds of video show only smiled faces of people who walk on streets and you think they have none problems.
But we often forget many little things which we don’t notice in our real life. Just remind about Internet, for example. You needed to visit an offline library to get any information, and just not one. And the getting of information took hours and even days, but not minutes and seconds as in our days. I am not talking about kitchen devices like microwave ovens and electrical teapots.
It all similars to people look at beautiful and successful persons on the Instagram photos, like famous actors and actresses, or sportsmen and just a little of them think about many days of hard work and previous fails which are behind these nice pictures.
I want to say when you take the deciding (decision) only with a part of an information you are usually wrong.