The Solar system.

We live in the Solar System. It includes eight planets and the Sun in the center. Before the planets were nine, but scientists excluded the farthest planet from this list because it has no traits which any planets must have. This is the names of the planet in the order from the Sun to the outer space. They are Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune. The nineth planet named Pluto. Now it is considered either as planetoid or asteroid I don't remembered exactly.

Many planets have satellites around them. For example our Earth has the Moon. All planets from the Earth to the Sun have no the satellites, but other ones from the Earth to the outer space have.

A long time people believed the Earth is the center of the Universe and all other stuff spin around it. But actually the Sun is in the center of the Solar System and other planets spin around it because the Sun has an enormous mass and all planets attracted to it. Our Solar System isn't unique one. There are many systems in the Universe. They include different types and numbers of the stars in the center and many of them have planets around. The most close star to the Earth names Alfa Centauri and it is in 4,4 light years. The light from it get to the Earth for 4,4 years.