My lunch

In the last months, I have lunch at my work at the same place. It is a Turkish restaurant near my work. Actually, it is on the ground floor of the same business centre but has a separate entrance. Every working day I have lunch usually around 3 p.m. At this time there are few people there, often I eat alone or with my co-worker.

I guess, they have a very democratic price for this lunch, it's just 350 roubles. We have a canteen on the basement floor and if I buy lunch there its price can be about 500 roubles, but there you get meals of mediocre quality and without restaurant service.

In Turkish restaurant, you get the meals of high level served on good quality dishwares by waiters. Their chief has an amazing level of cooking meat. Any of his dishes with meat has a perfect quality. For the months of having lunch there, I didn't have any complaints about meats and they were ones of the best meats I had tasted.

And after lunch, they served Turkish tea. It is just black tea, but very tasty and fragrant. They made it in copper pots and served in beautiful glasses.