Our Chrystmas tree

Every year we decorate the symbol of the New Year in Russia. It named the Xmas tree in the Western countries, but in Russia, we named it the New Year tree. Usually, it is a fir or pine, or another coniferous tree. It can be both natural or artificial.

We have the artificial fir. For ten last years, we decorate it, usually in the middle of December. Our fir is about 2 meters in height. We decorate it in dark red and golden colors. It looks very Christmasy.

My wife said this year the fir was decorated very fast, she said it because our son helped her. Before she decorates it alone, and I and our son were used as a low-qualified working force to bring the heavy boxes, for example.

The decorated fir will stay until the beginning of February. We have the sequence of winter holidays. They are the Catholic Christmas, then the New Year, then the Orthodox Christmas, then the mistic Russian holiday named the Old New Year. And except the fir, we have the holiday lights in each window, the New Year stickers and we replace our ordinary cups with the New Year cups.