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Synthetic hormones are foreign substances, synthesized in the laboratory and are used for the treatment of hormonal imbalance in the human body. Hormones such as progesterone, estrogen, thyroid hormone, testosterone, and insulin are some of the synthetic hormones used widely for different health conditions. Some examples of the synthetic hormones available in the market are Ferring B.V. product Zomacton injection (Somatropin) which is used to treat growth hormone deficiency in children. Moreover, IBSA Institute Biochimique SA’s product, Tirosint, is also available as a liquid levothyroxine formulation for the treatment of hypothyroidism in individuals suffering from deficiency of thyroid hormone. Some of the manufacturers operating...


An ion selective analyzer comprises of ion selective electrode (ISE) and is an analytical technique used to determine the activity of ions in aqueous solution by measuring the electrical potential. It has application in the field of pharmaceuticals and biotechnology. There are four types of ISE glass electrode, crystalline electrodes, ion-exchange electrodes, and enzyme electrodes. A common example of ISE is the pH Electrode. The pH electrode is the commonly used and it consists of a thin glass membrane which calculates the H+ concentration in a solution. Orion Versa Star Pro pH/ISE is an example of ISE and is manufactured by Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. It is used for the measurement of routine pH and ion concentration.


Trypsin is a serine protease enzyme (EC number of, which hydrolyses esters of basic amino acids such as lysine and arginine in the peptides. Optimal temperature for trypsin activation is around 37 degrees Celsius and its optimal pH is around 7.5 to 9.0. Trypsin is available in the form of immobilized enzyme where it is attached to an inert support such as dextran, sephadex, cellulose, starch etc. Immobilized Trypsin is supplied in preservatives such as glycerol and sodium azide as a slurry.  It finds applications in research for the purpose of protein identification, protein characterization, study of post translational modifications, and protein-protein interactions.

Fertility and Pregnancy Rapid Test Kits Market – Insights

Pregnancy and fertility rapid tests are the point of care tests used in male and female to qualitatively detect the presence of reproductive hormones such as FSH, LH and hCG either in urine or blood sample.

North America Medical Carts Market – Insights

Medical carts are movable equipment used to carry medical supplies and medical instruments for the management of medical emergencies. These carts are useful and built on a stable and strong platform delivering ultimate solution to healthcare settings such as operating theatres, dental clinics, hospital wards, ICU, and many other medical areas.

Neuropathic Pain Market – Insights

Neuropathic pain is a complex, chronic pain state that usually is accompanied by tissue injury. It may lead to damage, dysfunction, or injury of nerve fibers, thereby leading to misfiring of signals to other pain centers. The impact of a nerve fiber injury includes a change in nerve function both at the site of injury and areas around the injury.

Life Science Products Market – Insights

Life science, also referred as biology, is the study of life and living things. It includes anatomy, animal biology, bacteriology, biochemistry, cell biology, ecology, evolutionary biology, genetics, molecular biology, plant biology, physiology, and virology. Life science plays major role in drug discovery, tissue engineering, drug screening, forensic testing, and genetic analysis.

Lysosomal Storage Diseases Therapeutics Market – Insights

Lysosomal storage diseases (LSDs) are a group of rare inherited metabolic disorders that result from defects in lysosomal function. The absence of lysosomal enzymes such as hydrolase responsible for breakdown of specific substrate, its activator or a transporter, result in accumulation of substrates, leading to LSDs.  Examples of LSDs include the mucopolysaccharidoses, mucolipidoses, oligosaccharidoses, Pompe disease, gaucher disease, Fabry disease, the Niemann-Pick disorders, and neuronal ceroid lipofuscinoses.

Huber Needles Market – Insights

Huber needles are used for repetitive access to veins for blood withdrawal and infusion of medication, blood products, and nutritional solutions in conjunction with a port implanted in a chronically ill patient body. These needles are designed to pierce the port without dislodging it. Huber needles are widely used in hospitals, oncology centers, clinics and ambulatory surgical centers. These needles are specifically used for medication and nutrition infusion, blood withdrawal, and imaging solution infusion.

Hip Replacement Market – Insights

Hip replacement is a surgical procedure in which the hip joint is replaced by an artificial prosthetic implant.  The procedure is called hip arthroplasty. The surgery is generally conducted to relieve joint pain (arthritis) or for the treatment of physical hip joint damage and hip fractures. Hip replacement surgery can be performed as a total replacement or a hemi (half) replacement.