December 20, 2019

What is Qness?

Basically it's a Positive Quality of something: content, product, and maybe persona too!

Qness — say positive emotional response.

With Qness you can infuse Businesses, Branding, Design, Creative and else Q-projects!

Q-business - say a positive entrepreneurship approach: funny business, that developing by it's Head in positive / creative mood! Usually such owners aren't conservative guys:

they have special energy wave, and they charging their business with it. This way they designing unusual business models, creative products with extraordinary qualities and emotions.

More in this article.

Qness Formula:

It's Ingenious + Fun into one + Reckless

It also Soul of Q-fullfilled projects that designed by Q-Moody Creators of those projects. It's a humor from visionaries. Positive banter from Geniuses-Creators, Visionary Authors and such guys.

Please, look into this channel content for catch Qness mood: (preview here: )

Particular reference:

This guys kidding a lot with promo video of Ukraine brand jeans designer - KSENIA SCHNAIDER:

Schnaider Paradox pitch video
Schnaider Paradox pitch video


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