April 30, 2020

Holistic Action & Check-list

How to check yourself right or wrong way of doing something in holistic personal development?

In my past life it was three kind of ideas:

1 — willing and easy on-its-wave doable;

2 — hard (reluctantly) doable, even if idea looking right, needful & beautiful, sometimes you can't run it with ease.

What was special in that «willing and easy doable» ideas?

There are three components:

Rule is:

→ Those decisions, ideas, purposes, that have these three components — it's Right Options! Say, it's Holistic Options! Bcas holistic is derivative from «whole» word by etymology, then Whole-ness indicators are in that three qualities from above.

→ And those things that don't have at least one of these component — it's either not the right options for me. Say, it's Alien Options, or it's undeveloped vision for those options. But you can develop in a bit more, tune this options, and they could became Holistically too!

It's simple self-measurement & self-checking system for relevance of ideas, vision, purposes, etc.

Use your mind & creativity to tune your vision with each idea, that aren't fit all three points of Simplicity, Pleasantness, Action!

→ How to check Simplicity factor?

Easy: if you can run it right NOW — you reach Simplicity. If you put it in future, you're not reach it yet.

Man wins where he creates simplicity. Gosha K.

You need mind & vision for develop such high options where this three holistic components will be!

→ How to check Pleasantness?

It's simple good feeling when you thinking of your doing and plans. Do you feel yourself emotionally well? Yes → then good plan! No → then it's wrong.

What is wrong? Maybe your Purpose is good, but the way or format of realization / reach (for those Purpose) could be wrong. Just change your possible role on the way to realize your purpose, and check Pleasantness factor again!

→ Actioness - what for this?

It's simple inspiration and motivation for ready-to-run something from your upcoming action. If you feel yourself easy to lift, then you're passed Actioness factor too!

How you educatio for Holistic approach — is to watch TV-series:

Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency 2016-2018, Trailer, IMDb

→ One more..

.. You think of hypothetical fourth formula component say LIGHTNESS. If you feeling lightness during checking some action plan, then you're mostly holistic this way!

To conclude,

I just wish you to be yourself and research yourself for act with holistically quality.

Holistically action INCLUDES all three factors, and gives you Lightness as a formula result.

Those actions that has holistic criteria automatically includes few moments:

a) Your general roles, with underneeth talents fitted to this roles. It's market/business/else roles.

b) Your plan or upcoming project /or/ action should be fitable to your larger plan / larger project. And those larger project should bring you into advanced level of your personal values.
If larger project aren't affect reachness of your key personal values, then it could be loose of motivation to you, and the Actioness factor would be loose.

c) At least, you should feel fun when act & preparing to act! Holistic actions is lot of Qness actions.

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by Gosha K. mail@krivonosov.com / t.me/digitaldosyanich