December 20, 2019

Q-theme: Story of Begin

Is recommended to read with the audio track: Yppah — R. Mullen

…I was spinning in this sphere very long time) and I extremely like it.
I was watching and watching and have seen all sorts of different design works: from graphics and videos to clothing and industrial design (cars, yachts, etc.)

and when you have looked throught a lot of things — it becomes clear where really cool done, and where the bullshit low-quality like put wool over people’s eyes.

so you start to distinguish strongly — where is cool, and where is kind of garbage… something like happends with looking clothes and styles) just look and see — cool/not cool. And don’t even always know WHY, but you always have this feeling: cool or not.

and among the pile of pictures that I have stored as liked material on my computer — I recently chosed a small number of such that EXTRIMELY COOL !!

I took them into a separate folder to base mainly on this, the coolest level… the best of the bests.

and then I watched the best of the bests, and caught up what they have that is very cool.. for me.

and when I realized it simultaneously found the answer to an other my old question:

Why sometimes appear things / projects / music / movies which liked by numerous number of people…

for example — Avatar movie.

or classical music, Beethoven…
or cool pop music, like Madonna…
or something that is extrimely liked by masses of people…

and the answer to the question “what is in those pictures that are “SOOOOO-GOOD?”, which are assembled in a separate folder like best of the best is the answer to the question: “why there are outstanding projects in the field of art, cinema (etc.)?”:

I called it Q.

Q — it’s an emotional concept that you catch.
it’s like a certain feeling of emotions, but without words.

and in one morning I’ve god a concept how to explain people what it is))) It’s like you Wake up, and feel that you were dreaming about some kind of awesome-a nice positive dream, but you don’t remember the story or images from tonight dream…. and while you still have the nice aftertaste of the dream )

And there are all sorts of different Q… emotional concepts.
and there are nice Q, and disgusting…

and I realized that in those the best of the best design projects that I LIKE.. there are Q in General principle of best of the best projects I’ve collected and analyzed. It is laid on in it (unlike other things that may be even looks perfect, but does not assume any catchy concepts of emotion).

So, to do all sorts of art projects and things you have to understand possible Q, i.e., lay it in the project so that it emits throught it.

And you can do without it but you will have dry and unemotional project… just perfect-pixel, but no emotions.

Q are different..

during my talking with people I strongly feel that Q, which goes from a human in General. It is not the words, not what he says. It’s just the resonance of the universe of this being felt in form of an emotional the concept )

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