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Data science is considered a blending of various algorithms, tools, and machine learning in order to achieve the goal of discovering the hidden patterns from such raw data. Data science is something which is an improvised way or the new version that does what statistics do in order to find a more detailed solution to the problem. It is said that it is the future of AI. It has evolved over a time span of 50 years though it is not a new profession.

What are the best companies in India for a data scientist to work for?

In this article, some of the best data science companies to work for has been profiled based on various parameters and you will get to know about the best Data Science Courses in Pune and Mumbai institute. A lot of data science companies in India have already raised the bars when we talk about salary and compensation for talented and skilled data analytics professionals. Most of the data scientists tend to build a strong pool of resources of data analysts.

Why data scientist is the most promising job in 2020?

There is no doubt in the fact that data scientist has evolved out as the best and hottest job of 2019. The LinkedIn report has proved the fact that almost 85% of big industries are now using data science to explore their businesses and hence getting into it can give new wings to your career. The promising pay of the data scientist is something that determines the promising nature of the job.

Why should you choose Data Science Course Certification Training?

The Data Science course in Pune is an online training course that helps you to understand and master the concept of data analysis, provides you knowledge on R statistical computing, Naïve Bayes, ways of using the Hadoop framework to connect R, time series and lot more. Along with just the training you need to have practical experience on different types of real-time projects in various sectors such as entertainment, finance, e-commerce, etc. Getting this Machine learning course in Pune can help you in getting your desired jobs in some of the reputed companies as well as various IT companies. Also, you will get a verified certificate at the end of the training which will help you in the future as well.