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Stay Invested in Franklin India Smaller Companies Fund for Next 5 Years; Suggests MySIPonline

The flagship scheme of Franklin Mutual Fund in the small-cap category, Franklin India Smaller Companies Fund has been slightly drifting below the peers in recent years. Although, despite facing volatile trends, the long term gains of the fund still remains foremost. The fund has a large investor-base and many have been in a dilemma to switch or stay for the last few years. However, the experts at MySIPonline are keeping an optimistic outlook for one of the most adventurous schemes in the Indian market.

Tata Digital India Fund - Bumpy Ride in 2019 by The Top Performer of 2018

Tata Digital India Fund was among a few schemes which delivered outstanding returns in 2018 as the market conditions were decent. It was the best performing mutual fund in 2018 and nearly provided 25% annual gains. Not only in 2018 but this particular scheme has always been an apple of the eye for the sectoral investors. However, the journey of this high rated scheme in 2019 has been full of ups and downs. The market conditions have been volatile but this scheme has weathered volatility since inception so why not now? Keep reading as the experts at MySIPonline explain the key reasons and the expectations from the scheme in the near future.

Fulfil Your Financial Goals with Tata Mutual Fund

Are you a new investor and searching for a trusted brand to invest in mutual funds? If yes, then your search ends here at the door of Tata Mutual Fund. It is a perfect choice for all kind of investors because of its diversified schemes which are being categorised into various asset classes. The fund managers of Tata MF always try to provide positive returns to the investors by applying their expertise in driving the pooled money towards higher growth.

With BJP in Power, Here are the 5 Best Mutual Funds to Invest Right Now

BJP has yet again shown that the craze people have for Narendra Modi led party is still there. With NDA having such a massive win in the Lok Sabha 2019 elections, the equity market has given quite an appreciation showing considerable rise in the earlier sessions. The major equity market indices have touched their all-time highs, and the experts are expecting good growth in the future as well.

Fund Review: Axis Mid Cap Fund

Axis Mid Cap Fund is one of the top performing midcap funds that has yielded remarkable one-year returns beating its peers, benchmark, and category. Although this best midcap fund was not performing well earlier, with recent change in its allocation, the performance scenario has improved to a great extent. Being a midcap fund, its major allocation is in mid-cap equities followed by large-cap which is a good selection approach of the fund manager as their performance is remarkable in the current market phase. Planning to invest in this leading mid cap fund? Find out all the details here!

Axis Long Term Equity Fund – The Raincoat to Save You from Heavy Tax Rains

The Indian Tax Law is quite complex in structure and application, and it’s not easy to deal with it without proper knowledge or the expert’s guidance. There are many flaws which are present in this system which is evident from the frequent amendments that take place in the bare act, every six months. With the recent budget announcements, there have been certain relaxations to some sectors, mainly the agro industry, but there hasn’t been any relief to the tax payers at large, as the old slab still prevails.

Best Schemes of SBI Mutual Fund for Investment in 2019

One of the most important factors that play a big role while the selection of mutual fund is that which AMC the scheme belongs to. Just like when we buy clothes, the brand we are buying from is a crucial factor, same is the case with mutual fund schemes. A good AMC can assure good management of the scheme and can increase the confidence that the investor has for that particular mutual fund.

MySIPonline Suggests 5 Funds of Franklin Templeton to Sustain Volatility

Hand in hand with Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund online, MySIPonline offers a range of mutual fund products under the AMC. Established in 1947, New York, this US-based global AMC has become one of the top-performing AMCs in India. Franklin Templeton, India incorporated the fund house with an aim to build wealth for the investors. Following the unique approach to focus on result-oriented process to maintain productive strategy, It offers various schemes wrapped up into three categories which are equity, debt, and hybrid funds. In the ongoing journey of achievement, MySIPonline provides a platform to start online investment in this AMC. To simplify your process of choosing the relevant schemes in this volatile market, here are 5 Best...

Exit Poll Shoots Market Indices, Investors Curious About Actual Results

As the exit polls have suggested a huge victory for the Narendra Modi led BJP government, the excitement of investors can be seen through the performance of the equity market. Where SENSEX has shown a rise of more than 1400 points, NIFTY also following a huge rise has crossed the 11,800 mark, nearing an all time high. These are the biggest intra-day gains showed by both the indices since 2009. The other equity indices have also shot up and positivity can be seen through out the market. Take a look at how the different indices have performed.

All the Best Schemes of IDFC Mutual Fund You Need to Know About

IDFC Mutual Fund is a prominent mutual fund asset management company in India which was established in the year 2000. Since then, it has provided an innovative solution to the investors by launching various schemes in different categories. It has AUM of nearly Rs 65,000 crore which is constantly increasing as the AMC has gained the trust of the investors over the years. The experts at MySIPonline have prepared a list of the best-performing schemes. The following schemes of IDFC Mutual Fund have been the most impressive in recent years and can be chosen for new investment as well.