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Strong 21st century skills through programming

But why do you want to teach children how to program? When you look around you, you actually immediately have the answer. Our society is increasingly automated and digitized. This will soon require a different type of employee.

Learning to program yourself - The more you learn, the less you know

If you can program and know the principles behind it, you will understand the new world order better. I'm convinced of that. Without putting on an aluminum hat, we can conclude that it is no longer just the government that determines the rules, but also the tech companies. How we organize our day, move from A to B, what we eat. It's Silicon Valley, baby. A solution is already being devised for problems that we do not yet know exist.

How to program your own programs

For most people who decided to link their life with programming, the question arises: where do you start programming, because I would like it right away, from the first steps of writing their own programs. On the one hand, this will be the development of practical experience on the one hand, and on the other - the acquisition of the ability to solve applied problems.

Tips for starting programmers

Tip 1: Children learn to program by doing You learn programming the fastest and best by actually doing it. This is especially true for children. Try things out, grab a code and adjust it. It is of course useful to read a manual, but kids learn most by doing it.

Robots & toys to learn to code for preschoolers and children

The world is becoming increasingly digital, whether you are talking about computers that administer justice, or that determine whether or not a teacher is fired, up to and including working with Robokidz that take over more and more work from people so that the employees have to be retrained to to be able to control / monitor those robots. We are also sitting behind a screen more often and longer, and that will also apply to the new generation. That is why I think it is important that my children learn to deal with this at an early age and also understand this way of thinking.