How to Turn Into Animal in Grand Theft Auto Online

Players are playing GTA Online from a long time, but after all these years now, support for this game has been stopped. However, there is something new that recently released in the game, which is that players can turn their personality into animal. It is a surprise that after so many months, the company has released a feature for more fun and a task. In October 2019, GTA Online released Peyote plants in the game, but there was no specific reason behind it. After all these months, they just begin a task to find all the plants and turn into animal. The locations of these Peyote plants are several on the map, and players have to find each of them.

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In the map of GTA Online, there is a total of 76 plants available. Players need to find every plant, and by eating one plant will transform them into an animal. The transformation of players will go forever unless the player killed by someone or dies of any other process. Finding these plants is not difficult is players know the location of every plant, but it is not easy to remember every location of the plant.

There are lot of locations where these plants can be found in the entire map. In every city, there are many plants available, and that is why players need to locate every location of every city. Great thing is that whenever the player is near any Peyote plant, controller will start to vibrate and indicate them. It is fairly helpful for players because knowing the exact location of the plant is impossible for many players. The plant will be in green color with the white color of flowers on it, and for eating, it presses D-pad button.

After doing it, the transformation of converting into an animal will begin, and the noise of animals will also match with them. Every animal is unique that the player turns into, and they all work in a different way. To learn about them, players can look into the tutorials on the left corner side of screen. Being an animal in GTA Online is not the only thing in the game, but they can even talk to the other animals, which is something extraordinary about the game.

GTA Online is always a good choice for gamers for entertainment. The missions and living experience in the game are better than any other game. Every version of the game is unique, and they all have a different storyline to play. While talking about the Peyote plant, so players should know that it turns players in animals randomly. There are several forms of animals that these plants can turn into. Most probably, the plant turns into deer, dogs, warthogs, and whales too, through this interest will be even more in GTA Online.

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