Best Passwords Tips for Enhanced Protection While Working Remotely

Passwords are the primary tool to make our accounts secure, and it can be done when we follow all the guidelines related to the creation of strong and protected passwords. Passwords are used on various platforms to make the data and private information secure by all means. However, creating a strong password doesn’t mean that your data is totally protected and can’t be exposed to the cyber world, but it reduces the risk to the extreme extent of its data leak.


Overusing similar passcode for various accounts may harm our data, and this action tends to the result of the data leak to various suspicious sites.

Here is how to manage and use passwords for multiple accounts. Follow the complete article to know better about data and account protections:

  • Password Creation and Its Possible Risks

Today, the password takes a great place in our daily lives as we are interacting with millions of websites for various tasks such as banking, office and clerical works, etc. Remembering passwords is not too easy as we think, as we can’t remember hundreds of passcode for various accounts. This tends the people to make similar passcode for various accounts, but it’s not good. This action can reduce the risk of the data leak to various active web criminals.

In the year 2019, some companies have found over five thousand data breach cases that increase the risk of data leak and exposure to unauthenticated or suspicious sites.

These data breach information are account credentials, home addresses, and much more. In this case, one can steal money and identity from your account. According to a report related to the year 2017, there are more than five hundred and fifty millions of passcodes are stolen from suspicious or unauthenticated web portals.

  • Using Passcode Manager for Password Recovery

A genuine and secure password are those that have characters, special symbols, numbers, etc. and these are can’t easily detectable or guessable. The best password is those that even you can’t remember easily, and it becomes an important matter if you are using the sites holding your private information such as bank account, etc. These tasks can be performed using Password Manager.

There is several authenticated passwords managers available such as LastPass and 1Password. These passcode managers help the users to keep the account information secure and protected.

Most of the Password Manager works on both platforms such as phone or desktop. The handling and managing of all your account credentials become easy with these handy password managers. Here you have to remember only one password that is known as the master password. It keeps all other password-protected, but you should be aware and ensure to have a strong master password for your account.

Sometimes people use browser-based password managers on various platforms such as Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc. They are also reliable, but some users face issues while using these web browsers.

Note: Cyberthieves often target master Passwords, and thus it is recommended to make a strong passcode as possible as you can create.

  • Creating a Note of Login Credentials

One of the best methods to remember your passcode and other account information is to make a proper note in a separate place notebook. It’s among the feasible way to track your private and login information securely as password managers aren’t compatible with various web portals and devices. Some of the security experts, such as the Electronic Frontier Foundation, has recommended keeping these account information in a separate piece of paper.

Note: keeping account credentials in a separate place doesn’t mean to have copy-paste your login and private information in digital forms such as Word File, Notepad, or spreadsheet. It can increase the risk of data and account leaks in one shot if anyone enters your device in either online or offline mode.

So, it is advised to keep a physical notebook of your account credentials and keep it in a safe place where anyone can’t guess where it is. You can choose a locker or locked drawer to keep it secure.

Note: It is recommended to don’t travel with the notebook having your important passkeys as it might misplace or lost while traveling.

  • Avoiding Common Characters in Password

Account and password creation is not an easy task, and even it doesn’t need any extra effort. So, create a strong password that anyone can; ’t guess the same. Make sure not to use commonly used words such as “Computer,” “Password,” “mypasscode,” etc. for your passcode.

Tech enthusiasts also recommended avoiding the use of various words related to you, such as your name, father’s name, nickname, your pet’s name, and street name as your password. These things can be easily fetched from your chats, social media accounts, etc.

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