October 9, 2020

A commercial van: Toyota Hiace driving test

The Toyota Hiace minivan has been a VAN industry leader in some areas for many years. In order to meet the slow transition and the requirements of car owners, Toyota finally made a major change for the Hiace. The new body design of the sixth-generation Hiace, in addition to improving safety, the exterior design and interior space are further private, so that this car is no longer limited to transportation. If you are not in the car, you will feel that the Hiace of this generation is more like an MPV multi-purpose seven-seater car.

This time the test drive is a luxury Toyota Hiace van, with large headlights and electroplated ghost masks, which exudes a little private car atmosphere. The fog lamps on the left and right bottom of the pump handle, double electric sliding doors, and tailgate cables are all equipped with luxury version.

The body design of the new car is much larger, with a width of 1950mm, and a length of 5265mm (+570mm) and a wheelbase of 3210mm (+640mm). The cargo space and riding space are much more spacious. Kind of calm feeling. In terms of compartment layout, it is completely different from the old model, with the driver's seat and watch plate being relatively modern. In addition to the multifunctional steering wheel, the steering wheel has independent air-conditioning for the front and rear seats, a shift lever with sports function, light touch audio, rear parking lens, and large side mirrors. The overall layout is clear and easy to use.

Due to the wide body, even if there are three people in the front row, it is considered loose and not too tight. Under normal circumstances, the front row of the central seat is flattened and used as a place to place things. It can be used as a dining table at noon. For the mid-row seats, there are independent air-conditioning vents above the head, and the seats can also be flattened to increase the load space.

The electric sliding doors on both sides are as easy to use as general MPVs, and can also be controlled from the driver's seat or car key. In terms of safety, there are 3 SRS airbags in the front seat, and all seats have 3-point safety belts. In addition to the 5-star rating in the Australian ANCAP crash test, the basic safety functions of the VSC driving stability control system, the TRC tracking control system, and the HAC uphill start assist system are all complete.

During the formal test drive, I felt that the cabin of the new car was relatively quiet. It can be seen that moving the engine outside the cabin is an important key to comfort. The Hiace of this generation uses a 2.8-liter diesel Turbo engine, the luxury version uses a six-speed automatic transmission, and the standard version also has a hand wave option.

The new car has higher power than the old model, reaching 178 horses and 450 Newton meters of torque. Even if the body becomes larger, it is refreshing and powerful to drive. In addition, the width of the body is increased and the suspension system is changed to front-wheel Macpherson struts and rear-wheel blades. With springs and shock absorbers, its steering and high-speed driving stability are better than those of the narrower older models. The driving feeling is considered agile, and it is not greatly affected by the large body.

The front big screen and the side mirrors on both sides are easy to see. The editor drove for an afternoon. The thicker seat improves the comfort during riding, which is very important for drivers who drive and work in the car for a long time. Putting the engine on the front of the car greatly improves safety. It also received a 5-star rating from the Australian ANCAP impact test.

The rear box of the new generation Hiace is 205mm wider and 45mm shorter than the old model, so you need to use your own brains to break the boundaries. The seat material of the new car is relatively thick, which improves comfort and can also be flattened to increase the load space. In this generation, the middle row only has an air-conditioning outlet and no adjustment function.

Hiace has double electric sliding doors, which can be controlled from the driver's seat and the car key. The center seat in the front row can be folded flat, Hiace has ample cup holders, and the cup holder in the center of the front row has a slight freezing capacity. Push the shift lever to the right on D wave to switch to sport mode.

The design of the center console is simple, there are not too many buttons, and the dial is designed with a double circle and a small central display. The space of the new generation Hiace is very spacious for Asians, the side mirrors are large enough, and it has an electric folding function. The tailgate of the car has an electric suction cable function to reduce the situation that the door is not closed properly.

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