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The new Renault Koleos

Contrasted and the old model, the updated Koleos has not changed a lot, yet the subtleties of the appearance, inside design and motor force are totally included.

Proton hit another high in July 2020 deals

Proton accomplished deals of 13,216 vehicles in July this year, which is the best deals month so far this year and the most elevated deals month since June 2012.

The Suzuki Swift convertible won't turn into a reality

Suzuki Malaysia Swift is currently the subject of delivering. Today, this is the same old thing. This occurs in practically all new vehicles. A great many people pick the well known rendition. In this film, X-Tomi didn't envision it as an adversary of Renault Clio RS or Opel Corsa OPC, however got a brief look at its appearance as a convertible. Suzuki Swift in some way or another brought the body style of a roadster. Its appearance looks stylish and retro. The Suzuki Swift Convertible will be a less expensive option in contrast to more costly convertibles, for example, Volkswagen Beetle Convertible or Mini Cooper Convertible.

Facelifted 2019 Perodua Axia expanded from 4 models to 6 models

What's more exceptional is that this time the little facelift of Axia has additionally added a recreational STYLE model. The first plant added a dark plastic watchman plate around the body of this model. Dark plan, rooftop evaluating, white taillights, Unique tail plan, etc, and supplanted with 15-inch sports wheels, yet this variant of the Crossover shape actually keeps up the first suspension settings, and doesn't do the body rise. What's more, the STYLE models additionally have a select Sunrise Orange body, which is more easygoing under the rogue.

Perodua Bezza facelift: security highlights update

The 2020 Perodua Bezza (bezza advance) is furnished with four styles, with costs going from RM34,580 to RM49,980. The Bezza facelift was formally dispatched in Kuala Lumpur on January eighth this year.

Proton X70 Price in Malaysia

The Proton X70 authoritatively declared its price(harga proton x70) in the Malaysian market. The new vehicle has four models furnished with 1.8T motors for determination. The official guide cost in Malaysia is 9.98-123.8 million ringgits (from 160,000 yuan). Moreover, the Proton X70 will likewise appreciate particular approaches, for example, 5 free support/low-premium credit monetary arrangements beginning from 2.34%, 5 years of protection, and 5 years of free vehicle traffic (1GB/month). Proton X70, as the rebranded form of Geely Boyue, will be for the most part sold in Southeast Asian nations, for example, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and the Philippines.

Peugeot 508 crossover variant loaded with battle power!

In 2013, Volkswagen Golf's rival, 308, formally came out. Seven years after it went available, the 308 has additionally arrived at the recharging cycle. As indicated by the most recent news, the new age of Peugeot 308 is enlivened by the most recent 208 smaller vehicle and 508 medium size vehicle. It will be formally delivered in the fall of 2021. The five-entryway hatchback will be dispatched first, trailed by a movement rendition in mid 2022. The cost is required to be 21,900 Euros.

Is the new Mitsubishi Triton the most attractive pickup truck in Malaysia?

The new Mitsubishi Triton 2019, which was dispatched in Bangkok, is here subsequent to being reviewed at KLIMS 2018, and five variations will be accessible.

The sales of electric vehicles is good?

The sales of electric vehicles in the European market once again surpassed diesel vehicles, with Volkswagen ID.30 becoming the best-selling model

Mazda 2 Sedan plans to launch in 2012

Mazda plans to dispatch a half and half form of the Mazda 2 hatchback. The new Mazda 2 Sedan will be dispatched in 2021.