February 6, 2020

Reliable Software – A Leading Player in Data Analytics, Cloud and DevOps

Reliable Software has been developing services & solutions throughout diversified industries including Healthcare, Retail, Manufacturing, etc. and help you with an array of solutions, from framework to applications drawing upon our deep experience in different sectors. As the focus is on digital transformation, a wide range of services and solutions have been designed for the benefit of the client keeping in mind the necessity to use industry insights with innovative technology.

The company is currently focusing on delivering Strategy and Advisory Services; Data Analytics; Cloud; DevOps ; Information Management; Legacy Modernization; and Workforce Management Services to its clients. Services provided cloud have been further divided into Cloud Services, Container Services, and Enterprise Application Services. As the focus is on innovation and new technology, Reliable Software has come out with Lia Coordination of Benefits; an Artificial Intelligence-based tool has been launched to help health insurance companies to manage multiple medical insurance claims properly and many more.

The company is also capable of helping client organization implement analytics solutions to help develop customer insights, improve multi-channel performance, store optimization and assortment planning. It intends to help its clients transform into Analytics Centered Enterprises (ACE). Besides this, the company also provides Customized Application Development and Enhancement services to clients.

The USP of the company is to help clients cut cost, focus on core activities, optimally manage their resources and modernize their setup. Its Legacy Modernization Services are meant to help clients migrate from old systems to newer IT systems thereby make full use of agile, flexible, proactive, and real-time prescriptive IT systems; thereby enhancing their digital capabilities. Not just that as part of its Workforce Management Services; the company helps its clients acquire quality IT resources that will help them deliver the best results.

Also worth mentioning is the fact that the company has mastered all the open source software as well as enterprise software; with focus on Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD), which is at the core of DevOps culture. Last, but not the least; the company also provides training services to its clients by hand-holding them till the point they become proficient in managing and operating the new systems deployed with the help of Reliable Software. The company has partnered with major players in the IT industry to providing best in class services and solutions to its clients. The company currently focuses on servicing clients in the USA.