March 16, 2020

Water Pollution

Water Pollution Essay

Our body and this planet are made of 70% water so there is no need to explain the importance of water for human health and life on this planet, but because of manmade unnatural and non-eco-friendly sources quality of these water resources is continuously diminishing. At Safeguard Environment we have written an article on Water pollution Essay with a motive of providing awareness and importance of water pollution control. Let's have a brief Introduction to Water pollution.

What is water pollution?

When any external substance inserts into the water and lowers its quality then this phenomenon is known as Water pollution.

Sources of Water Pollution: 1. Point Source
2. Diffused Source

Types of Water pollution: 1. Natural Process
2. Anthropogenic process

Causes of Water Pollution:

  • Sewage
  • Agricultural Pollution
  • Oil Pollution
  • Radioactive Substances
  • River dumping

 We should take care of Water pollution and try to apply some methods so that we can control water pollution and make our planet livable for us and our upcoming generation.