Coronavirus infected waste disposal

Coronavirus infected waste disposal

Coronavirus infected waste disposal according to CPCB guidelines:

The Govt. has taken so many steps to control and break the chain of Coronavirus as no proper medicines are available. So as a precautionary measure the State and Central Government has arranged isolation centers and home quarantine arrangements for the person who has traveled out of India in the past few months. The residents who are suffering from this disease have been admitted to the hospital’s isolation ward for medical cure. The isolated, home quarantine, labs, and hospitals treating the COVID-19 disease are generating a huge quantity of infected waste. The safe disposal of this waste is of utmost necessity to prevent the medical staff, supporting medical staff, sweepers, and caretakers from this deadly virus.

CPCB has issued some simple sets of biomedical waste management guidelines of coronavirus infected wastages so that they can make us stay away from the reach of coronavirus infected biomedical wastages.

CPCB guidelines are given as below related to the management of coronavirus infected waste :

  • A dedicated vehicle for collecting biomedical waste and bi-layered bags should be provided to collectors
  • Waste treatment facilities should incinerate the waste as soon as it reaches the facility and disinfect vehicles to prevent exposure
  • Biomedical waste collectors should wear three-layered masks and be trained for handling waste
  • Hospitals should collect waste in a separate bin and deploy dedicated sanitation workers for the task