It is considered by some people that it is impossible to comprehend the culture of a country without speaking its language. In my opinion, it is not mandatory to speak the language in order to understand the culture of a country.

The main reason is that almost all of us have an access to the internet. It can provide us with any information about any country and culture as well. If you desire to investigate a culture, you do not need to speak the language of a country. For instance, you find out interesting feature of the culture, but cannot understand it. In this case, the internet can help you know something new about the feature.

In addition, a culture usually consists of other parts, not only a language. For instance, traditions, arts, architecture are included in a culture as well. Moreover, to understand them, it is not necessary for you to learn the language of the country. For instance, if you watch some traditional dances of a certain culture, you can assess the dance only by the movements of the dancers and the language is actually useless in this situation. That is why you are not in need to learn the language if you want to understand the culture.

In conclusion, we know that, nowadays , technology has significantly developed so you the internet can let you know anything about anything, including cultures and a language is simply one part of a culture. Indeed, we live in the time when you can receive any information just by one click.